The Centre for Research on Culture and Gender at the Department of Languages and Cultures, Ghent University, supports research and scholarly exchange on questions of identity, difference and diversity in a globalized world from the perspective of critical inquiry and qualitative research methodology.

The Centre brings together scholars and students from various disciplinary backgrounds in the arts, humanities and social sciences interested in the study of culture in intersection with gender and/or other identity markers such as sexuality, ethnicity, class, nation and religion.

MISSION STATEMENTRead more about our mission and scope: What do we understand by the intersection between ‘culture’ and ‘gender’? Which disciplines and fields of theoretical enquiry and research questions and needs do we aim to cover?  In what do we differ from other centres? What can we offer you?

VISION: Why is the study of culture/gender relevant and important, within academia, local communities, broader society and globally? What can we contribute?


Fundamental research projects in the field of culture/gender (see Research and People)


  • Building a network and community among scholars and staff interested in culture and gender at Ghent University (see People)
  • Faculty diversity team: cultivating diversity awareness (see Faculty diversity team)
  • Hosting visiting scholars (see Visiting scholars)



  • Seminars by junior and senior faculty on research results, expertise and experiences in the field of culture/gender (see Events)
  • Lectures and conferences, bringing together local, national, and international scholars and open to all (see Events)