Katrien De Graeve

Associate Professor in Gender Studies

PI of the project 'Later-in-Life Intimacy: Women's Unruly Practices, Places and Representations (LiLI) - The project LiLI has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No. 851666)


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Below you can find an overview of my publications, for more information on teaching, services and activities: see my personal page at the Research Platform of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

Contact Details:

Prof. Dr. Katrien De Graeve

Department of Languages and Cultures

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy - Ghent University - Blandijnberg 2, 4th floor

Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday: room 140.018;  tel. +329 264 3821

Thursday-Friday: room 140.015; tel. +329 264 3818

9000 Gent - Belgium


Research Projects:

  • 2008-2012: Making Families. Parenting and Belonging in Transnational Adoption in Flanders (BOF PhD Scholarship Grant)
  • 2013-2014: A Comparative Study of Relations of Care in the Context of Transnational Adoption and Guardianships of Unaccompanied Minors (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship)
  • 2013-2016: Belonging and the Ethics of Care. Refugee Aid and Guardianships of Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (FWO Postdoctoral Fellowship)
  • 2016-2019: Unravelling the Monogamy-Nuclear Family Nexus. Empirical Study on Discourses of Exclusivity and Plurality in the Context of the Normative Two-Parent Nuclear Family (FWO Postdoctoral Fellowship)
  • 2020-2025: Later-in-Life Intimacy. Women's Unruly Practices, Places and Representations (ERC Starting Grant)


If you would like to receive the full text of one of my publications, do not hesitate to contact me ().

Articles in International Peer Reviewed Journals:

  • Cawayu, Atamhi & Katrien De Graeve (2020), 'From primal to colonial wound: Bolivian adoptees reclaiming the narrative of healing', Identities (published online 26 April 2020).
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2019), 'Beyond the crazy ex-girlfriend: Drawing the contours of a radical vulnerability', Sexualities (published online 14 October 2019).
  • De Graeve, Katrien & Valerie De Craene (2019), ‘The researcher’s erotic subjectivities: epistemological and ethical challenges’, Documents d'Anàlisi Geogràfica, 65(3) 587-601

  • De Graeve, Katrien (2019), 'Een pleidooi voor Radicale Liefde: naar een Ethiek van Kwetsbaarheid', Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies, 21(4)307-324.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2019), '"No expectations": Straight men's sexual and moral identity making in non-monogamous dating', Sexualities, (5-6)844-859 (published online 9 November 2018).
  • De Graeve, Katrien, Riikka Rossi & Katariina Mäkinen (2017), 'Affects, Politics and Practices - Citizenships under Construction: Introduction', COLLeGIUM, Volume 23, 1-11.
  • De Graeve, Katrien, Marianne Vervliet & Ilse Derluyn (2017), 'Between Immigration Control and Child Protection: Unaccompanied Minors in Belgium'. Social Work and Society, 15(1).
  • De Graeve, Katrien & Christof Bex (2017), 'Caringcapes and Belonging: An Intersectional Analysis of Care Relationships of Unaccompanied Minors in Belgium'. Children's Geographies , 15(1)80-92. (published online 13 November 2016).
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2016), 'Adoptiefeesten: Cultuur, Liefdadigheid en Gemeenschapsvorming bij Vlaams-Ethiopische Adoptiegezinnen'. Volkskunde 117(3)247-264.
  • De Graeve, Katrien & Christof Bex (2016), 'Imageries of family and nation: a comparative analysis of transnational adoption and care for unaccompanied minors in Belgium'. Childhood23(4)492-505 (published online 30 November 2015).
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2015) 'Classed Landscapes of Care and Belonging: Guardianships of Unaccompanied Minors'. Journal of Refugee Studies doi: 10.1093/jrs/fev011 (published online 11 August 2015).
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2015) 'Geographies of Migration and Relatedness: Transmigrancy in Open Transnational Adoptive Parenting. Social and Cultural Geography,16(5)522-535. (published online 23 September 2014)
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2014) 'Queering the family? A multi-layered analysis of relations of inequality in transnational adoption'. Culture, Health & Sexuality 16 (6) 683-696. (published online 16 April 2014)
  • Longman, Chia & Katrien De Graeve (2014) 'From happy to critical diversity: Intersectionality as a paradigm for gender and diversity research'. DiGest 1(1)33-39.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2015) ‘”They have our culture’. Negotiating migration in Belgian-Ethiopian adoption’. Ethnos 80 (1) 71-90. (published online 05 August 2013)
  • Longman, Chia, Katrien De Graeve & Tine Brouckaert (2013) ‘Mothering as a citizenship practice. An intersectional analysis of "carework" and "culturework" in non-normative mother-child identities’. Citizenship Studies 17 (3-04) 385-399. (published online 11 June 2013)
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2013) ‘Festive gatherings and culturework in Flemish-Ethiopian adoptive families’. European Journal of Cultural Studies 16 (5) 548-564. (published online 27 February 2013)
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2012) ‘“Making Families”. Parenting and Belonging in Transnational Adoption in Flanders’. Afrika Focus 24 (2) 100-108.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2011) ‘Familles flamandes ayant adopté des enfants éthiopiens: travail culturel et citoyenneté ambivalente’. Migrations Société 136 (23) 185-200.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2010) ‘The limits of intimate citizenship: Reproduction of difference in Flemish-Ethiopian “adoption cultures”’. Bioethics 24(7) 365-372. (published online 04 August 2010)

Edited volumes (peer reviewed):

  • De Graeve, Katrien, Riikka Rossi & Katariina Mäkinen (2017), 'Affects, Politics and Practices - Citizenships under Construction', COLLeGIUM, Volume 23

Book Chapters (peer reviewed):

  • De Graeve, Katrien & Sibo Kanobana (2020), 'Black identity-making in Flanders: Discourses and cultural practices among transracial adoptive families and black native speakers of Flemish'. In T. Hübinette, I. Willing, & J. Wills (eds.), Adoption & Discourses of Multiculturalism: Europe, the Americas and the Pacific, University of Michigan Press, p.199-222.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2015), 'Theorising Identities in Early Childhood'. In A. Farrell, S.L. Kagan, & K.M. Tisdall (eds.), Sage Handbook of Early Childhood Research. London: Sage Press, p.103-117.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2015) ‘Children's Rights from a Gender Studies Perspective: Gender, Intersectionality and Ethics of Care'. In W. Vandenhole, E. Desmet, D. Reynaert, K. Vlieghe & S. Lembrechts (eds.), The Routledge International Handbook of Children's Rights Studies, London: Routledge, p.147-163.
  • De Graeve, Katrien & Chia Longman (2013), 'Intensive mothering of adoptive children in Flanders, Belgium’. In C. Faircloth, D. Hoffman & L. Layne (eds.), Parenting in Global Perspective. Negotiating Ideologies of Kinship, Self, and Politics, London: Routledge, p.136-150.

Parenting in Global Perspective         The Sage Handbook of Early Childhood Research     Adoption&Multiculturalism

Book Chapters (editor reviewed):

  • De Graeve, Katrien (2012), ‘“Omgaan met verschil”. Vlaamse Adoptieouders met kinderen uit Ethiopië’, I. Pisters, A. Van.Dienderen and C. Longman (eds.), Guess who’s coming to dinner?’ , Ghent: Academia Press, p.69-76.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2009) ‘Antropologie “thuis”: onderzoek van “adoptieculturen” in Vlaanderen’. In R. Pinxten,“Mensen: een inleiding in de culturele antropologie”,. Tielt: Lannoo Campus, p. 44-48.


PhD Dissertation:

  • De Graeve, Katrien (2012) 'Making Families'. Parenting and Belonging in Transnational Adoption in Flanders’, Ghent: Ghent University.

Book Reviews:

  • De Graeve, Katrien (2018), 'Verzwegen Verlangen: Een geschiedenis van de homoseksualiteit in België'. Kifkif.be.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2015), 'Adoptive Migration: Raising Latinos in Spain by Jessaca Leinaweaver (review)'. Anthropologica 57(2)601-602.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2015), 'Generational Experience and National Substance: Children and Migration in the Mediterranean'. Journal of Intercultural Studies, 36(6)736-740.

Other Publications (national and/or editor reviewed):

  • De Graeve, Katrien (2020), Brief aan de UGent'ers. UGent'ers - Community voor alle persooneelsleden aan de UGent, 10.07.2020.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2020), 'The figure of the polyamorous single woman in consensual non-monogamy discourse in Belgium'. Singlehoodstudies.net, 28.04.2020.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2018), 'Is polyamorie queer?'. Deus Ex Machina, 165, 34-37.
  • Bex, Christof & Katrien De Graeve (2016), 'Alleen bouwen aan een toekomst in het secundair onderwijs'. Samenleving en Politiek, mei 2016, 41-47.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2015), 'Geschonden wortels: Verbeeldingen van bodem en identiteit in transnationaal adoptief ouderschap'. Systeemtheoretisch Bulletin, 33(3), 187-208.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2014), 'Transnationale adoptie en diversiteit. Over wortels en rugzakken'. Alert 40(2)64-69.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2014), 'Skype, Parenting and Academia'. HCAS Newsletter(Spring 2014)7-8.
  • De Graeve, Katrien (2012), ‘Origins, Race and Ethnicity. Transnational Adoptive Parenting and Belonging in Flanders, Belgium’. Afin Newsletter N° 44 – translated in Catalan (Orígens, raça I etnicitat: Famílies adoptives transnacionals i pertinença a Flandes, Bèlgica) and Spanish (Orígenes, raza y etnicidad: Familias adoptivas transnacionales y pertenencia en Flandes, Bélgica).

Interview Articles:

  • Gieghase, Inke (2019), 'Polyamorie zit in de lift. Katrien De Graeve onderzocht non-monogamie', Zizo magazine, 26(145)50-53.
  • Bucci, Fiorella (2015), 'The significance of care: How local worlds continuously change through global forces. An interview with Katrien De Graeve'. Rivista di Psicologia Clinica, (2)77-88.