Past Events


  • Brown Bag Seminars
    16 March 2020: LGBTQ+ rights in Cuba and Latin America by Teresa Fernández González
    2 March 2020: Of ingénieurs and logiques: Gender, mobility and knowledgde in Kinshasa's emerging tech scene by Katrien Pype
    3 February 2020: "Global fertility chains": A feminist political economy of transnational surrogacy between Isreal/Palestine and Georgia by Sigrid Vertommen


  • Book presentation 

        18 December 2019:  "The streets are talking to me: Affective fragments in Sisi's Egypt" by Maria Frederika Malmström (Lund University)

  • Lecture Houria Bouteldja

 13 December 2019: The Struggle for decolonization in France by Houria Bouteldja 

9 September 2019, lecture: Embodying Neoliberal Feminity by Shelley Budgeon (University of Birmingham)
10 September 2019, lecture: Sexual Worldings by Paul Boyce (University of Sussex)
11 September 2019, lecture: The Women’s Arts Only? Managing Childbirth in Medieval Japan by Anna Andreeva (University of Heidelberg)

6 June 2019, lecture: The uneven terrain of gender and diversity: the view from the humanities by Natasha Heller (University of Virginia)

27 May 2019, lecture: Race, gender and islamophobia by Minoo Moallem (UC Bekeley)

6 March 2019, lecture: Domectic worker narratives in South Africa: An analysis of their language of pain by Sue McWatts (University of Western Cape)
8 March 2019, Walkout against sexism and discrimination at UGent
8 March 2019, lecture: Women's Strike: Acting in and on the world by Nina Power (Roehampton University)
11 March 2019, lecture: Re-thinking everyday academia in dialogue with decolonoal, feminist and queer critique by Tamara Shefer (University of Western Cape)

26 April 2019, keynote: The de-kinning of first mothers by Riitta Högbacka (University of Helsinki)
26 April 2019, keynote: From antiracist solidarity symbols to perfect assimilated others for the populist right: Transnational adoptees in the new multicultural Sweden by Tobias Hübinette (Karlstad University)

28 January 2019: Bodily care, clothes and shoes from India to China by Ann Heirman (Ghent University)
18 March 2019: Swapping and stealing: Marriage, play and polyamory in Northwest Namibia by Steven Van Wolputte (KULeuven)
29 April 2019: Hacking gender in journalism by Sara De Vuyst (Ghent University)
3 May 2019: "Making family" in a relational world: Cosmopraxis among Aymara families in Bolivia and Chile by Koen De Munter (Alberto Hurtado University)
17 June 2019: 'Affronts to the healthy eye.' On negotiating how people with disabilities should be regarded by Anaïs Van Ertvelde (Leiden University)
4 November 2019: Goddess games: Gender and nature in new age spirituality by Susannah Crockford (Ghent University)
16 December 2019: Whores, harems, and holy men. Modern views on ancient women by Katrien De Graef (Ghent University)


26 November 2018, keynnote: Religion, Sexuality and Commodification by Vineeta Sinsha (National University of Singapore)
27 November 2018, keynote: Gender normativities and religion amoung young adult today by Peter Nynäs (Åbo Akademi University)

17 September 2018, lecture: When feminist ideals clash with ethnographic realities: The surprises and dilemmas of contemporary feminist ethnography by Maria do Mar Pareira (University of Warwick)
18 September 2018, lecture: Authoethnography as feminist method: Storying the feminist 'I' by Elizabeth Ettorre (University of Liverpool)
19 September 2018, lecture: Gang rape in Papua New Guinean villega: Violence, talk and nonsense by Don Kulick (Uppsala University)

19 March 2018: Motherhood, voluntary childlessness and christianity: Narratives of choice by Dawn Llewellyn (University of Chester)
16 April 2018: Nyaanyo, courageous sisters, and the NGO: An ethnography of queer women and transnationalization in Accra, Ghana by Heather Tucker (Central European University)
28 May 2018: Kurdish women and the limits of gaining voice by Marlene Schäfers (Ghent University)
11 June 2018: Black german women, the matrilineal diaspora and Audre Lorde by Cassandra Ellerbe (Bard Ballin College Berlin)
20 June 2018: Eating the adoptee: Cultural commidification, whiteness and interracial intimacies in Bolivian-Belgian adoption by Christof Bex (Ghent University)
15 October 2018: Emotional and affective labour in practices of mom blogging by Kateriina Mäkinen (Academy of Finland)
5 November 2018: ICT4D, Gender cultures and the myth of decent work: Young women in South African call centres by Sisa Ngabaza (University of Western Cape)
19 November 2018: Searches and reunion between Nepalese adoptees and birth families by Chandra Kala Clemente Martínez (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
17 December 2018: Negotiated sexual ethics among women converting to Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the Netherlands


28 September 2017: Undoing monogamy: Right-wing  and anti-gender movements in Europe: How gender became a pop-science by Andrea Petó (Central University University)

29 June 2017: Undoing monogamy: The politics of science and the possibilities of biology by Angela Willey (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

19 June 2017, seminar: Female migrant in Belgium and campaigns of solidarity with Muslim women by Ladan Rahbari (Ghent University)
19 June 2017, lecture: Language(s) of Mothering in Migration: Silent, Monolingual and Multilingual Mothers by Eglė Kačkutė (Maynooth University)

6 June 2017: "I'm too old for that now": The importance of life course in student nightlife normativities by Valerie De Craene (KULeuven)
19 June 2017: Female migrants in Belgium and campaings of solidarity with Muslim women by Ladan Rahbari (Ghent University)
29 November 2017: Politics as medicine, medicine as politics: 'Anthropologizing' African history by Koen Stroeken (UGent)
18 December 2017: Travelling among Kalbeliya dancers: From staging of authenticity to intercultural dialogues in Indian dance practice by Ayla Jonckeere (Ghent University)


22 November 2016, keynote: Mapping the Global Movement to end FGM/C in Africa by Tamsin Bradley (University of Portsmouth)
22 November, 2016, keynote: The economy of silence in the era of declaring gender and sexual rights by Rachel Spronk (University of Amsterdam)

17 May 2016, lecture: Wars and brides by Dilek Cindoğlu (Abdullah Gül University)
17 May 2016, lecture: Maternal responsibility in the postgenomic era by Ilke Turkmendag (Newcastle University)
18 May 2016, lecture: Generations and the intimate politics of reproduction by Jennie Bristow (University of Kent)
18 May 2016, lecture: AIDS, the 80s and the fate of permissivness by Matt Cook (University of Londen)

2 February 2016: Women's dances in post-genocide Rwanda: Gender equality, female identity and the waning of the sacred by Carine Plancke (University of Roehampton) 
29 February 2016: Ethnographic observations of objects, things, commodities, designs,... by Rozita Dimova (Ghent University)
21 June 2016: Food as medine in Edo-period Japan by Andreas Niehaus (Ghent University)


12 November 2015, lecture: Love in the Age of Selfie by Srećko Horvat 

17 September 2015, lecture: Ethnography between aesthetics and politics: Materiality, space and power by Rozita Dimova (Ghent University)
17 September 2015, lecture: Doing, writing and applying ethnography: A 'restless anthropologist' among clinicians and medical students by Lisa Dikomitis (University of Hull)
17 September 2015, lecture: Vulnerability: in fieldwork, in life, and on the page by Ruth Behar (University of Michigan)
18 September 2015, lecture: "It's the epistemology stupid!" The ethics of intersubjectivity in ethnographic practice by Karel Arnaut & Sean O'Dubhghaill (KULeuven)
18 September 2015, lecture: Encountering the anti-immigration debate: Uneasy laughter by Kateriina Mäkinen (University of Helsinki)
18 September 2015, lecture & film screening: On "Lili". Questioning China girls through the production process of film by An van Dienderen (School of Arts KASK)

24 September 2015: How talking about one's meaning of life makes sense: A discours analytic approach to related qualitative interviews by Sabine Grenz (Georg-August University Göttingen)
28 October 2015: The culture of doing a PhD, a PhD in cultural research by Lisa Dikomitis (Ghent University)
16 November 2015: Religion and gender by Ute Hüsken (University of Oslo)