Rozita Dimova

PhD, Stanford University, 2004

Associate Professor
Department of Languages and Cultures
Slavonic and East-European Studies
Ghent University
Rozier 44
9000 Ghent

Positions Held:

Associate Professor in South East European Studies (2013-Pres) Ghent University, Belgium

Research Fellow (2010-2013) Humboldt University Berlin

Research Fellow (2006-2009) Free University Berlin

Postdoctoral Fellow (2003-2006) Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle

Interests and/or Activities:
borders, materiality, gender, ethno-nationalism, commodities, consumption, aesthetics, performance, art, refugees, forced dislocation

Latest Publications:

2014 Between Folklore, Geography, and Ethno-nationalism: Ethnology in Macedonia During and After Socialism In: The Anthropological Field on the Margins of Europe, 1945-1991, 273-92, (Eds. Bo?kovi?, A.; Hann, C.). Berlin: LIT co-authored with Lup?o S. Risteski)

2014 Between borderlines, betwixt citizenship: Gender, agency and the crisis in the Macedonia/Greece border region (Women's Studies International Forum, 2014, In Press, available online 19 August 2014,

2013 Ethno-Baroque: Materiality, Aesthetics and Conflict in Modern-Day Macedonia (Oxford: Berghahn)

2013 Contested Nation-building and the International 'Order of Things': Performance, Rituals and Legitimization in South-Eastern Europe (Editor, Special Issue of History and Anthropology Vol. 24,  2013)

2013 The 'Nation of Poetry': Language, Festival and Subversion in Macedonia, History and Anthropology, 24:1, 137-152